MRC races and KMR series

We organise five races every year, and we use the proceeds to support  local charities. Click on the links to find out about our races. We support grassroots running, aimed at delivering low cost, local races where it doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow! All of our races are trail runs, supported by the Trail Running Association, and you will enjoy scenic runs through hitherto undiscovered parts of your local heritage. Try the 12th century Roche Abbey, or the limestone crags around Maltby. Or the WW2 bomb caches hidden deep within Bawtry Forest. Our races are short, between 5 and 11 km, are low cost and easy to navigate. We will entice you with a T shirt, goody bag or a post race buffet!

Find our races here:       memorial race     abbey dash    butcher’s dog leg    bawtry forest trail race      braithwell boxing day race .

Find out about the KMR series here.

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