We are all training for something, whether a PB at a 10K race, an ultra marathon or getting round a park run. Send us your favourite training tips and we’ll share them on our site. We might even try them ourselves!

To kick things off, here are ten things I know about running:

  1. You can take time to put on make up so you look great in your race photos, but you are wasting your time. All anyone ever notices is your smile.
  2. By all means take marathon training advice from a bloke who ran a sub 3 in his thirties and then retired from long distance. Just remember to take a large pinch of salt as well.
  3. All the training in the world won’t help you improve and perform if your diet is wrong.
  4. Your running shoes really matter. All the other gear is mainly about appearance (see 1).
  5. Running off road is wonderful for your strength, fitness and endurance, and even better for your spirits.
  6. Running cures and prevents more medical conditions than it causes.
  7. You can go out running with your mates for over twenty years and still not know anything about what they do for a living, but will know every aspect of their diet, training and favourite races.
  8. The hardest thing about running is getting out of the front door.
  9. Ultra running is the best because you are allowed to walk bits of it and eat pizza during the race.
  10. When you have just achieved a PB, the most hurtful thing anyone can say is ‘yeah but it was a downhill race’.

Long may you run!

Barb Lowndes

On the run since 1983

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