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Grand Prix list 2019



  • Retford 1/2 10/03/2019
  • Silkstone Shuffle (Barnsley H.) 16/03/2019
  • Lincoln 10k 7/4//2019
  • Brodsworth 5m race 10/4/2019
  • Sheffield half marathon 14/04/2019
  • Scholes Coppice Trail Race KMR 1 16/4/2019
  • Maltby Memorial Race KMR 2 01/05/2019
  • Pawson Rotherham 10k 12/05/2019
  • Trail d’holnon 26/5/2019
  • Kimmy Kanter KMR 3 04/06/2019
  • Calver fell race 05/06/2018
  • Barnsley Boundary Race 8/6/2019
  • Goole riverbank challenge 9/06/2019
  • Handsworth Hobble 11/06/2019
  • Midsummer Mad Dash 18/06/2019
  • Ulley Res. KMR 4 19/06/2019
  • Silkstone Shuffle (Barnsley H.) 22/06/2019
  • Elmton Chase 26/06/2019
  • MRC Summer handicap 27/06/2019
  • Tideswell fell race 28/06/2019
  • Round Sheffield 30/06/2019
  • Roche Abbey Dash KMR 5. 03/07/2019
  • Milton 5kms KMR 6 17/07/2019
  • Stoney Middleton fell race 25/07/2019
  • Butchers Dog leg KMR 7. 01/08/2019
  • Toffee run KMR 8 15/08/2019
  • Sherwood Pines Trail race 10k. 01/09/2019
  • Silkstone Shuffle (Barnsley H.) 7/09/2019
  • Bawtry Forest Race (Maltby R.C.) 08/09/2019
  • Wickersley Chase KMR 9. 28/09/2019
  • Osberton Chase 6/10/2019
  • Round Rotherham 50 miles 12/10/2019
  • Canal Race, KMR 10. 3/11/2019
  • Leg it round Lathkill 10/11/2019
  • Doncaster 10k. 24/11/2019
  • Clowne half marathon 24/11/2019
  • Litton Christmas cracker 8/12/2019
  • Silkstone Shuffle (Barnsley H.) 14/12/2019
  • Santa Special KMR 11 15/12/2019
  • Braithwell Boxing Day race KMR 12 26/12/2019
  • Gerald Storey memorial run 29/12/2019

Maltby Running Club Grand Prix Rules for 2019.

The MRC Grand Prix competition is open to all competing members of the club that is first claim, second claim and social members for marshalling and internal races.

A point is awarded for each race on the Grand Prix list that is completed.

The Maltby Running Club kit# MUST be worn. The only exception to the club kit rule is if you are running for a charity in their shirt and colours.

At the end of the year (December 31st2019), points are totalled up and the top three scores are awarded trophies.

For the races where we require marshals, (Memorial run, Abbey Dash, Butchers Dogleg, Bawtry Forest and the Braithwell Boxing Day Run) we award points to marshals so they are not handicapped in the Grand Prix ratings.

In previous years, to encourage support for the South Yorkshire Road Race and Cross Country series, 2 points were awarded for each race completed. As the Road races now have restricted entry, only one point will be awarded for these events. The cross country

events will retain 2 points.

In order to encourage participation in the KMR series, 2 points will be awarded for these races.

Points may be awarded for races not included in the Grand Prix list but there are additional requirements. No points will be awarded for races that coincide with a Grand Prix Race unless both races are already on the Grand Prix list.

One point will be awarded for a non GP listed event provided there are at least 3 MRC members in MRC vest. Club captains must be provided with results of the race.

One point will be awarded for a full marathon run in MRC vest (or charity colours).

One point will be awarded for parkrun events provided there are at least 3 MRC members in

MRC vest and the race does not clash with a GP listed event. Only one point per venue is awarded during the year. For example, 10 runs at Clumber (meeting other requirements) only scores one point. Runs at Clumber, Stirling, Sherwood Pines, Clifton Park and Rother Valley (meeting other requirements) will score a total of 5 points.

# Club kit consists of official club vest or official club tee-shirt

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