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As you will know, there is a bug going around at the moment. You will also know that we are all being encouraged to download the NHS contact tracing app and use it to check into various locations as we go about our daily business.

Here at Maltby Running Club we have looked at how we can fulfil our responsibilities as an organisation. We have obtained a unique QR code which we will bring to all our training sessions. We would ask that you use it to check in whenever you attend a training session so that, if one of our runners is unfortunate enough to get Covid19, you can be contacted.


Now the nights are drawing in and only the dedicated are still out there running, we’re pleased to tell you that we’re still meeting at the leisure centre car park for a training run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and also on Sunday mornings. The Tuesday and Thursday meets are at 6.30p.m. for all groups.

We are making sure we comply with the latest government health guidelines and rules and ask that you also familiarise yourself with these so we can continue to exercise safely.

see you there!

Run/walk group

The run/walk group on Tuesday and Thursday evenings will meet at 6pm at Maltby Leisure Centre. This is to help us continue to train on trails even as the nights draw in.
We’re trialling this arrangement for a few weeks. Starts tomorrow, 15th September and will continue, hopefully, into October, when it’ll be dark no matter what we do!
The regular start time of 6.30 pm remains for runners who plan to run a bit further or faster.
Keep on running!


Three cheers, training starts tomorrow! Meet at Maltby Leisure Centre ready to run at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday 1st September.

You’ll be aware that there’s a bug going round at the moment and everybody is trying their best not to catch it or spread it. Thus we would ask the following:

-please familiarise yourself with the latest government advice on staying safe;

-please don’t come along if you have any symptoms of Covid19;

-please note that we are restricting participation to MRC members. This is to ensure that we can fulfil our responsibilities around contact and tracing;

-please bring your own hand sanitiser and any other equipment needed for your run (e.g. antiseptic wipes in case of cuts, stings etc) – especially if we run on trails – they are definitely overgrown with nettles this year!

-please be prepared to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other runners

see you tomorrow!

Bawtry Forest Trail Race Cancelled

We are sorry to announce that, after careful consideration we have decided that we are unable to host this year’s Bawtry Forest Trail Race and Family Run. This is wholly due to the current safety concerns arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are grateful to all our race entrants for your support and hope that we will be able to bring you the race in 2021.

In the meantime, keep running, keep smiling and keep safe!

And the virtual kmr goes on.

Don’t forget to complete your personal Kimmy Kanter this week. You don’t have to run the exact course, try and find something of similar ascent and distance near where you live. Let Barb know when you’ve completed your run and we will collate completion on the sophisticated KMR monitoring system (OK, Pete  Humphries has a spreadsheet)
Here is a link to the KNR race series page which has full information:

Keep on running and above all stay safe!


Training runs

We’re sorry to inform you that club training  runs are suspended until further notice. This is on the advice of England Athletics and is in turn based on current government advice in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak.
We hope you’ll find a way to keep on running and look forward to seeing you again in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Here’s a link to the England Athletics website:


Do you want to run? Are you thinking about starting to run? Or even thinking about looking into the possibility that you might like to run? Then our Couch to 5K programme is for you!

If you haven’t heard of it, the Couch to 5K programme, endorsed by the NHS, is a gentle introduction to running. Over a nine-week period we will help you walk, jog and run your way to increased fitness and, hopefully, the ability to run 5km.

What does it involve? Two coached sessions a week of between 30 and 50 minutes of warm up, walk, jog and run followed by a few stretches to cool down. You may also wish to fit in a third session in your own time to keep the momentum going.

Where and when? Meet at Maltby Leisure Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30pm.

Do I need any special equipment? Comfortable running shoes, comfortable clothes, and a decent sports bra if needed. If you have anything reflective please wear that. As it’s winter, and dark, we will run predominantly around Maltby village, on footways. In spring when the nights are lighter we will try to run along the trails around Maltby (something to look forward to!)

Is there a charge? We ask only that you join our club – £5 covers a whole year’s membership, although if you intend to compete in races and want to get discounted entry rates to every race, UK Athletics will issue you with a competing athlete licence for £15.

Will I be fit enough to run? We welcome runners of all abilities and we definitely won’t leave anyone behind! If you are unsure, or have specific health issues you might want to consult your GP before you embark on any training programme.

When does the programme start? This week is Week One so please try to come along on Tuesday 14th January, or Thursday 16th January. You can join us later if you don’t mind working a bit harder to catch up (if necessary). We’d be very grateful if you could contact us beforehand so we can expect you.