Run to the hills

Hi everyone, hope you’re getting back into the swing of running, especially as now it can be a sociable activity as well as a health promoting one. Come and join us on our regular run sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tomorrow’s run will be the Laughton Laff. It’s mostly trail but a few short stretches of road. Start at Maltby Leisure Centre at 0930.
Tuesday’s run will be from Maltby Leisure Centre at 1830. Various distances and speed groups to suit participants.
Thursday’s session will be structured training, comprising hill repeats. This week will start off relatively gently. The hill training programme is progressive so increases in intensity in subsequent weeks. Meet at Maltby Leisure Centre car park ready to run at 1830.
In addition to these sessions we will also have walk/run groups, so there’s something for all our members.
Whatever else you do, keep on running!

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