running during lockdown

That bug just won’t go away – and now we are even more restricted as to what we can do to keep ourselves fit, well and sane.

Exercise of any sort is fantastic for physical and mental wellbeing and running is an efficient use of your time when you’re juggling other commitments – you can start your workout from your front door; no special equipment is needed; cold water cleans your shoes and your running clothes wash and dry rapidly (compared with hosing down a muddy bike, changing tyres etc).

The important thing is to stay safe. Under the latest government rules – see here – you are allowed to run with one other person. Our facebook page is a good way of contacting other MRC members if you can’t find a buddy for your run, or contact us as we will try to help.

If you decide to run alone, remember to wear highly visible clothing, particularly in low light conditions. Let someone you trust know your route and proposed timings. There are great tracking apps out there – assuming you take your phone or cellular activity watch with you.

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