things to do on a blustery day

Hi All, I hope your running and training is going well and that you are managing to get out and run despite these challenging times.

As many of our readers are members of Maltby Running Club, it will come as no surprise that MRC members are taking part in lots of heroic endurance events, despite the difficulty in getting to organised races.

So a big shout out please to Gail Barber and Martin Knight , who have been training assiduously for this Saturday’s Spire Ultra Race. Now we are in Tier 3 Gail and Martin cannot be at the actual event and have decided to run an equivalent route around South Yorkshire, on the same date and time, 31st October. They will set off from Maltby Leisure Centre at 8.30 a.m. and will complete a single lap of a 33.6 mile route, finishing up in Maltby.

It would be fantastic if you could come and cheer them on, preferably wearing your MRC gear and making as much noise as you can. The proposed, approximate timings are as follows:

leave Maltby 0830hrs

Firbeck (8 miles) 0945hrs

Woodsetts (14 miles) 1110hrs

Turnerwood (16 miles) 1135hrs

Harthill (20 miles) 1220hrs

Wales (22 miles) 1250hrs

Aston (24.5 miles) 1315hrs

Ulley (26 miles) 1340hrs

Wickersley (30 miles) 1440hrs

Maltby (34 miles) 1530hrs.

They will be running unsupported and will be really pleased if you could come and cheer them on. You can throw food if you like! Martin has put the route on Strava and here is the link:

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