Plastic free – a realistic option?

If, like many people, you are concerned about the plastic which is polluting our environment, and you want to take steps to reduce your impact on our planet, then you will understand the discussions we at Maltby Running Club have had recently to try to do our bit to avoid waste.

You will notice that we are phasing out plastic bottles and cups for our water stations. We have decided to use paper cups but these are about three times the price of plastic! We are using paper plates at our race buffets too. We have also decided to give all Bawtry Forest Trail Race entrants  a lovely gift at this year’s race – a beautiful, bespoke printed cotton bag which initially will contain what is probably the UK’s top goody bag; afterwards the bag can be reused and will hopefully be a reminder of a brilliant event. You can’t have one unless you enter the race though, so hurry up and sign up using the link from this page to make sure you get your hands on one.

Other things you can do to reduce waste; perhaps recycle your safety pins? We use around 5000 pins every year and they must end up somewhere – at the bottom of your kit bag? in the washing machine? in the car ashtray? It helps everyone if you can reuse them – as far as we are concerned this means we can donate more money to charity and it offsets the greater cost of using cardboard products over plastic.

You are also very welcome to bring your own drinks bottle for your post race drink, and even your reusable mug for tea or coffee afterwards. An extra benefit is that you will look like an elite runner if you have your own drinks bottle!

See you at the next MRC race (only 3 days away!).



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