The Idle Dash

Link to results here – Idle Dash 2018 results

Well done to winners Jordan Street (Clowne RR) and Caroline Colley (Lincoln Wellington AC) who are now course record holders!

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the dash a great success. It was a real team effort and frankly wonderful to get out there on a muddy trail in the fresh spring sunshine.

Photos to follow but you will be able to view many already on the Idle Dash facebook page.

Keep on running!


2 thoughts on “The Idle Dash

  1. Caroline Colley says:

    This was a great event, it was well organised, a good route, well marshalled and a fabulous and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to all concerned. And the post race buffet was amazing!
    It might look like I am saying this because I did well. No that’s not the case, I turned up on my own which is always a bit nerve-wracking at any running event, and I asked one or two questions, and just relaxed.
    See you next year with some of my fellow runners. I did ask a few people to join me, but there are so many running events, it is difficult for people to fit them all in.
    Thanks again.


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